Warehousing and distribution

With our own warehouse facilities and selected distribution partners we have the skills and knowledge to handle, store and deliver your goods with the best care.

Certified Lloyd's Register
ISO 9001:2008
We can offer you:
  • Storage of Customs bonded, excise and VAT-deferred goods
  • Cargo palletization and storage
  • Order fulfillment from a parcel to a full truck/container load
  • Inventory management
  • Storage of dangerous goods (please consult us to find out which classes can be included)
  • Food and Feed storage and handling
  • Value added services (*)
  • Outbound transportation
Kreglinger Logistics has a non-asset based policy for its distribution capability resulting in a flexible and cost-effective solution. Across Europe, from parcels to pallet loads, we work with a limited number of reputabletransportation partners while we are equally open to replicate your current distribution set-up to safeguard your business continuity.
Kreglinger Logistics offers consolidation services from a number of geographies whereby we avoid consolidating with third party shippers.

Finally, our systems allow your ERP or order management system to connect electronically or we can offer web-enabled manual order entry and stock consultation.

(*) repacking, tagging, labelling, quality check, sample production, etc.

Please also consult our Industry Solutions for specific set-ups that Kreglinger Logistics has for the mentioned sectors.

Your supply chain partner

++ international forwarding
++ warehousing and distrubition
++ integrated customs management